Masternode coins: 0
$0.77 Coin price (0.32%)
0.00019836Ƀ Coin price BTC
10000 Coins required
$7,733.11 Node worths
1782 1759 active
Total masternodes

PIVX estimated revenue

Calc on average PIVX masternode revenue for last 6 month. But, profit in past not equal success in the future, man!

Daily income
$1.91 USD
2.4747 PIVX
Weekly income
$13.40 USD
17.3229 PIVX
Montly income
$57.41 USD
74.241 PIVX
Yearly income
$698.51 USD
903.2655 PIVX
Masternode stats

PIVX masternode statistics

This section provide major PIVX masternode blockchain properties.

Total paid rewards
Node reward frequency
1d 5h 5m 40s
Active masternodes
Total blocks (24 hours)
Block time (24 hours)
Genesis block
1135d 9h 36m 43s ago, Jan 30 2016 04:10:07
Coins locked
Coins supply

PIVX (Private Instant Verified Transaction) is a coin with instant transactions, low fees, and high network decentralization. PIVX is the first cryptocurrency to implement a directly spendable Zerocoin protocol and has also developed and implemented an industry-first Zerocash-capable Proof of Stake consensus algorithm, called zPoS, that allows absolute anonymity of the balance and transactions while staking. PIVX utilizes a decentralized network for masternodes that allow feature services, treasury management, and community governance. PIVX is decentralized online digital money. PIVX has the fee of 0,04%. Proof of stake is the type of algorithm used by PIVX PIVX coin takes 1 minute for confirmation of the transaction. We have three different types of reward given out to the owners of PIVX. PIVX Masternodes, PIV staking, and zPIV staking. Due to our large network size, our reward return rate is very consecutive and solid. We spend a great amount of time supporting, assisting, and inspiring all, helping each community member to bring their best to the table. To make PIVX coin you can get PIVX masternode – (masternode setup page, best masternodes for you).

Statistics on masternodes of the crypto currency PIVX is calculated every 24 hours (24 hours).